Welcome and thank you for your interest in

Healing Hearts in Hope Veteran's Retreat Center.

We are located in the foot hills of Mt. Pilchuck, just 7 miles out of Granite Falls, WA.

Our physical address is; 28902 Mt. Loop Hwy Granite Falls, WA 98252.

There are rules that we need to follow for the safety of our guests:

 1: When planning a visit, please call at least 3 days ahead so we can reserve a camp site for you.

     a: No unauthorized camping!

2: Always check in so we know you are here and always check out when you leave.

     a: Check in time, anytime after 11:00am.

     There is no cell service here, so it's important that we know who you are and

     where you are for emergency reasons.

 3: You must sign a waver of responsibility when you check in.

 4: Drugs and alcohol are not allowed.      

 5: Fireworks are not allowed. Fireworks can be a trigger for a combat veteran suffering 

     from PTSD.             

 6: We have a Carry-in Carry-out policy. Please do not leave your trash for us.

     We do not have garbage service and it's the polite thing to do. Leave it clean for the

     next person.

 7: Do not cut down and/or cut up trees for fire wood. Trees are beautiful and a necessity.

 8: Do not burn at your camp site, there is a communal Taking Circle fire pit. 

     You can use camp stoves for cooking at your site.

     Fire danger is real, please follow this rule. We also have to follow WA state burn ban


 9: Bring your own firewood if you are planning on using the Talking Circle Fire Pit.

10: No hunting. No shooting of any kind; i.e. Guns, bows, crossbows, sling shots, BB guns, pellet guns, paintball guns, etc. 

      Fishing is allowed under WA state fishing laws.

11: This is a natural setting, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PET OR FEED THE WILD ANIMALS!

      They are wild and can be very dangerous.

12: If you are on a motorcycle, Teresa requests that you rev your engine when you arrive.

     This is Teresa's personal rule, (She loves the sound of a motorcycle, especially a

     Harley Davidson). :-)

100% of all donations goes to Healing Hearts in Hope Veteran's Retreat Center

To help our Veterans.